Jul 01

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By Nancy Carrillo | Cloud computing

Cloud, as many of you already know, is the latest technology that deals with the storage of the data. The idea to store a significant amount of the data off the computer was unthinkable until several years ago. But now, the Cloud technology is present in all spheres, and it evolves with every passing day, making the storage of the data easier.


One big issue (it is n’t a problem, but an inconvenience) with the Cloud is the security. Every Cloud domain can be successfully secured, but there isn’t a technology that can protect all Cloud based domains. The difference between the domains is what makes the universal protection impossible. Every application is different, and it has different attributes which influence the type and the strength of the required security. This makes it very complicated, and no standardized security tools will be possible for some time. The solution for this issue is rather simple, find security tools that similar Cloud domains are using, and adapt it to your Cloud project. Until the new significant breakthrough in the Cloud security domain, you will have to do something like this.


The Cloud-based technology is still in its infancy stage, and new advances can be seen on the daily basis. One of the better steps in the right direction was the update of the Dropbox. The latest update the Dropbox did add a lot of new features for its users. Among these features, there were collaboration services that connected the Dropbox with different systems. Until this update, the Dropbox was a simply a neat folder for the storage of the files, but this update changes everything. The amount and the diversity of the tools found in the update will make the Dropbox a provider of the productivity service as many projects will be possible in it.

We talked about Cloud security, and we explained the shortcomings it has, but the safety of the files on the Cloud domain and the general Cloud security are the two different things. Varying levels of the protection are necessary to protect all type of data on the Cloud domain. Three significant shortcomings in the data protection exist, and you have probably done one or two of the same.


First, there is the question of different types of data, and the necessity of the various types of protection it requires. No single security model will protect all the information you store on the Cloud, and if you try to do that, then you will waste your money and time. Then there is a question of the data in flight. This term represents the data that is moving from a place to a place, and almost all security models fail at the protection of the data in flight. The final failing of the Cloud security measures we all take is the binding of the security. Even if you protect all of the data with multiple levels and types of the protection you must bind them together so that they can become a proactive and holistic defense, without any vulnerability.

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